EIM Bettis M2CP Series

M2CP Series 1/4 Turn Electric Actuator

  • Suitable for many quarter-turn and multi-turn applications (chassis formats, nominal powers, output speeds).
  • M2CP series actuators can be assembled, disassembled and replaced simply using a screwdriver.
  • Motors have many alternatives: single-phase or three-phase, voltage values, direct or alternating currents.
  • The clutch handle, which can be locked, allows you to choose between manual or motorized use.
  • Manual control shaft supported by bearings and grooved at both ends.
  • Bronze worm gear drive sleeve supported by tapered roller bearings to maximize torque.
  • Main housing in GS cast iron for maximum durability.
  • Folding and compact handle allowing manual use of the valve in case of need: emergency or power outage.
  • Thermal overload protection: thermal contactors read temperature variations and cut the control circuit to avoid damage. Standard motors with thermal overload protection can be deactivated for emergency stop installations.
  • Includes an auxiliary manual override.

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