Distributor Series 551

ASCO 551 Series Distributors

  • Monostable valves in compliance with standard IEC 61508 (Version 2010 route 2H) certified by TÜV (series 551) and EXIDA (series 551-553) with integrity levels: SIL 2 / SIL 3
  • Power-assisted solenoid valve, with threaded connection and installation plan according to NAMUR recommendation
  • The same distributor adapts to the 3/2 NC and 5/2 functions for controlling single or double-acting actuators
  • All the exhaust ports of this solenoid valve being ductable, they provide better protection of the environment. Particularly recommended for installations in sensitive areas such as clean rooms, pharmaceutical or food industries
  • Distributor guaranteeing as standard complete insulation of internal components against liquids, dust, and other agents present in the environment (version sealed against the atmosphere)
  • Possibility of external piloting (external pilot supply) allowing operation from a minimum differential pressure of 0 bar by reversing a specific seal
  • Solenoid valve in accordance with applicable EU Directives


Technical documentation - Aluminium version
Technical documentation - Inox version